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Shari Walker is a former foster-care child who now advocates for mental health and wellness through her advocacy work, socially conscious writing, empowerment coaching, and spoken word poetry. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Social Work-Social Change and Innovation master’s program, who has advocated alongside the Alliance for Children’s Rights, The RightWay Foundation, the National Foster Youth Institute, and the California Youth Connection.
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Instead of Quiet Quitting, Try These Three Actions To Find Fulfillment

Are you a quiet quitter? In a Harvard Business Review article, researchers note that quiet quitting is a “new name for an old behavior.” Some key components to quiet quitting via Harvard Business Review:
• None Do you “reject the idea that work should be the central focus of [your] life?”
• None Do you “resist the expectation of giving [your] all or putting in extra hours?”
• None Do you find yourself saying “‘no’ to requests that [you] think should be expected of a person in [your] position?"

4 Healthy Habits You Need As A Career-Focused Millennial

As busy millennials, to-do lists can run long and the overwhelm of life can be heavy. In the ebbs and flows of life, we can embrace unexpected habits that can lead to beneficial rewards or negative consequences. Healthy habits for the career-focused millennial provide an open door to opportunities that can build a solid foundation for a joyful career path.

Harvard Business Review recently acknowledged in the article "Building Healthy Habits When You're Truly Exhausted" is to take slow and stead

Prepping For Motherhood: 4 Steps To Take When You're Ready To Start Your Family

As you begin the journey to start your family, building a supportive community can be integral to helping navigate motherhood. Gaining better education and support now is important. According to the National Library of Medicine, websites, apps, and social media are important ways to gain valuable childbirth information for millennial women.

A great website to join is What To Expect When You’re Expecting which offers the following resources for free:
• None “Resources for when you're trying to c

How To Build An Effective Career Portfolio

Most of us know about resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and creating a “traditional” portfolio. Yet, did you know that you can completely revamp your professional journey with a career portfolio? I was able to do this very thing and transfer into a position in a tech company as a copywriter by creating a career portfolio that brought to life my personal unique professional journey that made me the perfect fit for the position I now have.

I’ve gotten a job after presenting my career portfolio and I wa

How Millennial Women Can Successfully Make A Career Pivot

The career you choose has a pivotal impact on your overall life, and many don't discover what they want to do until later in life. As millennial women, it’s never too late to make a career pivot when you feel called to a new home within the work field. Pew Research found that “roughly one-in-five workers say they are very or somewhat likely to look for a new job in the next six months.” The power moves millennial women need to make a successful career pivot can be elusive if navigated alone. We

Career Dream Team: 5 People You Should Always Have On Speed Dial

As millennials, the journey toward career advancement can be an adventure filled with both highs and lows. On your journey, it is important to have a set of people who are always close via speed dial. In reflecting on the people who are important to your professional development, five people stand out the most. Exactly who you need on your team for career advancement and propel you to the next level in your professional development is shared below.

Mentors can provide valuable advice and insigh

Sponsor, Advocate, And Mentor: What's The Difference?

While navigating your career, you may be wondering how to expand your network. As you travel on your career journey, learning the various roles those around you can have in supporting your advancement is important. Knowing the key differences between sponsors, mentors, and advocates can have a vital role as you advance in your career. Support while navigating your professional career can help advance you to the next level.

In fact, researchers of the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) found tha

How To Start A Successful Podcast For Women Entrepreneurs

You know your voice matters. You may have seen the Pew Research Center survey conducted in July 2021 found that about “a quarter of U.S. adults (23%) say they get news at least sometimes from podcasts.” You might be ready to add your voice to the conversation, but you wonder how you can build a lucrative podcaster when first starting out. If this is you, you are in the right place. Learn the top tips for women entrepreneurs starting a successful podcast below.

We sat down with Nicky Saunders, t

5 Ways Women Can Build A Village When Racing Against A Busy Schedule

Most of us know the old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Yet, as we get older, the village that we once found security, safety, encouragement, and connection with soon fades. We can become overwhelmed by the daily tasks of life, whether lost in the fight to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, fighting a battle in work-balance as parents, or simply being overcome with all of the to-do items on our list that require us to spend less time being present and more time raci

Dating For Entrepreneurs: How To Navigate And Find Your Way To Bae

Being an entrepreneur can be an invigorating experience. You have the opportunity to navigate daily life many times on your own terms, make your own decisions, and be the captain of your own extraordinary business. As an entrepreneur, you are already savvy at finding solutions in creative ways. You know how to navigate business, yet do you know where to start when navigating toward finding your bae? If not, no worries. We have the tips you need to hear when dating as an entrepreneur. In order to

Top TV Shows To Stream On Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime And More This Fall

Fall is here, and the time for finding a new TV series that will have you bundled up with warm apple cider has officially arrived. It is finally time to settle in and catch up on the latest shows. Below are a few great TV shows to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more, with new seasons that you should add to your watch lists.

Not your typical game show, “The Mole” follows 12 contestants vying for a major money prize while one member of the group acts as the “mole.” This is the show to

I Lived Off Off School Lunches as a Kid. Here’s How to Make the Program Better

Growing up in poverty in the projects of the Watts projects of Los Angeles, I was dependent on free and reduced-price school lunches. Today, I am a foodie, someone who plans vacations around the food and not the destination because of the experiences of my childhood.

Like my taste palate, my life has been molded by both the good and bad I experienced growing up in poverty and with food insecurity, never being adopted, and emancipating from foster care.

Food insecurity defined my childhood. I l
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